Alexander Technique Testimonials


One of the most amazing things for me is the effect the Alexander Technique has had on me mentally. I feel so much calmer, so much more in control of myself. I feel I am much less impulsive, more confident; this has helped me so much in every aspect of my life. I am usually completely pain-free now, more relaxed and more focussed. Now I really notice if I start getting tense, when before it was my usual state. The way I feel, move and think have all improved no end through the Alexander Technique
— Jane Coode ( Swim School owner)
I have been to both Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais classes with Philippa and had extremely positive experiences at both. She is an extraordinary teacher: sensitive, knowledgeable and excellent at communicating. She helped me very much with my neck pain as well as improving my awareness of movement and the human mind/body in general. She helped me find more joy in my every day actions, taught me some tools for troubleshooting when pain does flare up, and I can’t recommend her classes highly enough!
— Lois Woolley
Twenty years after my last A.T. lesson I can honestly say that learning this technique with Philippa has been one of the most valuable learnings of my life, freeing me entirely from the recurring back pain, neck pain and aching shoulders which had plagued me for decades, by showing me how I was causing them and how to avoid doing so. What a gift!
— Gordon Benson
I expected to be taught how to improve my posture and to be generally more aware of the way I moved, but steadily I came to understand that it was far more than that. The Alexander lessons have been different from what I expected, a completely new experience for me. Surprisingly it’s teaching me a new dimension to my everyday life. Philippa’s way of teaching is wonderfully calm and totally free from any pressure, so the experience of having lessons is relaxing, thought-provoking and very helpful.
— Myra Jones
I started Alexander lessons with a clear aim of improving my posture which has been pretty bad for some years. I guess my expectation was that I would be ‘sorted out’ by a Practitioner.
After a few lessons I realised that a partnership was developing which would be essential if I was to learn how to use the technique on a daily basis and be able to ‘sort myself out’.
The key impact has been a greater understanding of how the body functions in terms of movement. It may sound obvious but the big leap for me was linking this knowledge to being aware enough of how I sit, stand, walk. I now think about moving in a way I never have and take time to at least try to put techniques I’ve been taught into action.
Philippa’s style of teaching suits me down to the ground. I need explanation in order to learn. If I had only been ‘done-to’ by her I couldn’t have made the necessary connections - only I can change my habits after all!
I’d recommend AT lessons, it’s about thought process as well as physical change and, for me, I came to realise that it’s as an ongoing commitment. I feel it’s beneficial for me to continue the work of improvement after many years of poor habit. The lessons are enjoyable and I always feel better about myself when I leave.
— Julie Nedin (Retired N.H.S. dietitian)
After developing an inner ear problem I struggled with my balance for almost a year. Through Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais, I have been able not only to regain basic movements, but to feel comfortable with my body again. The lessons with Philippa have really helped me feel that I am in control of my movements again, and helped me move from constantly fighting with my body to working with it. It’s hard to articulate what a difference this has made to my life.
— Julianya Jay (Trainee chiropractor)
When I began seeing Philippa, the pain in my neck and shoulders was so severe I thought I would have to give up work. Gradually the pain subsided, enabling me to move more freely and resume my normal life. Her lessons are very relaxing and this feeling persists for a while afterwards. It is no exaggeration to say that Philippa’s excellent teaching of the Alexander Technique has transformed the quality of my life and I can heartily recommend her.
— I.W. (Retired Shorthand Typist)
I do Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais and feel they work really well together and have both made me feel more comfortable and relaxed in my own skin. I’m much lighter on my feet and far less likely to injure myself when exercising.
Philippa spotted straight away what I was doing to cause myself back pain - something that both the sports physio and the chiropractor I had recently seen missed! I had pain and discomfort for years and now I basically don’t have a bad back any more :-)
— Claire Coxon (Illustrator)
For years I have been regularly using osteopaths to relieve my back pain but Alexander Technique lessons with Philippa have made a huge difference. I now have much less pain (and am saving on osteopath bills) – I only wish I’d started years ago.
— John Anderton
I had suffered with lower back pain for years when I started Alexander Technique lessons with Philippa 9 years ago.
Philippa has taught me to be more aware of my body and to be more mindful of how I move around. As a result I am more flexible, calmer, less fearful of injury and I experience less back pain.
Philippa is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Nicola Jones (Administrator)
The course of Alexander lessons I had with Philippa enabled me to sit in comfort and ease even during my recent 3 month meditation retreat, when previously on long retreats I’d get back pain. The scope of the benefits is far-ranging, helping me find more ease of breath and movement in daily life practical activities and particularly in the difficult physical demands of my work.
— Simon
After many years of visiting chiropractors and physiotherapists which provided only temporary relief from my lower back pain I also developed knee pain. Suspecting stress and tension was a factor in my ongoing problems I contacted Philippa in the hope that the Alexander Technique would be the solution. It was a shock to discover in my first lesson how totally unaware I was of how I used my body to perform the simplest of everyday movements. To apply the concept of ‘non-doing’ and letting go of long-standing habits in order to move with ease and efficiency is not easy. By including some Feldenkrais into my private lessons and joining the group classes, I am learning to recognise where I am holding on to muscular tension. Performing the movement slowly and to my own level of ability is incredibly enjoyable and relaxing. The combination of Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method is teaching me to recognise muscular tension, to let go of it and move with an increasing ease. After a lesson the immediate sensations the increased body awareness brings can be confusing though not unpleasant. I often feel a change in of balance, a need to adjust my posture and a strange feeling of my body taking up more space than usual for example my shoulders feeling wider, feeling taller or larger. These lessons are challenging but I am reaping the rewards. Unlike a massage or chiropractic treatment which does ease the symptoms temporarily I am recognising the cause of my pain and seeing a future where I no longer need to seek help towards a pain-free life.
— Wendy (Factory worker)
I first visited Philippa in Sept. of 2016 having for a number of years suffered from a range of seemingly unrelated minor issues, but which collectively had a significant ‘chronic’ or ‘cumulative’ type of effect. I had come across the Alexander Technique via the Internet, and at first intended to buy a book, but quickly realised that this sort of behaviour modification can’t be learned from a book. From the first lesson Philippa was clear, she does not diagnose, nor attempt to treat specific issues, she assists the student to learn better ways of doing things, incorporating the lessons into their daily activities.
It is the incorporating of the lessons into daily life which sets the teaching apart from the other techniques I have studied: Yoga, Tai chi, meditation which all tend to internalise. An important part of the learning is to engage with the outside world, and not withdraw. Frequently I would be reminded to “open my eyes” as I tend to close them to focus on the experience.
She has taught me how to alter the way I stand and move, to become more fluid in my movements, balance (not just posture, mental as well) more appropriately to what I am doing, and to reduce the amount of active work I was putting my body through. I had a number of long term RSI type issues and these have eased dramatically.
I play woodwind, and have noticed an increase in smoothness of air flow, and practise has become less tiring.
Sometimes I’d feel a bit silly during the lesson, after all a grown man being taught how to stand up and sit down on a chair seems a bit silly, but it is important! The point in the lessons is to learn to undo habitual behaviour, and develop better alternatives, with those habits having their roots in the really basic things we are do, an accumulation of simple habits can have a detrimental effect.
I have continued to be taught by Philippa for most of 2017, and have learned so much. As a bonus a lot of the original trigger issues have dissipated. Many thanks Philippa for the help you have given me.
— Frank