Frequent questions about the Feldenkrais Method.

What is the difference between Feldenkrais and Somatics?

Somatics is becoming a popular description, the word Somatics was originally coined by Thomas Hanna to refer to the growing field of approaches seeking to address the human experience as a continuum of sensation/emotions/ideas/ thinking/perceiving. Hanna was a student of Dr. Feldenkrais in 19?? and went on to develop his own approach.

Is an Awareness through Movement class similar to yoga?

In a yoga class there will generally be a sequence of very different postures taught, sometimes flowing together, sometimes quite distinct.

In an ATM class there will be a theme with many variations. These variation may involve moving from eg back to side, or to all-fours, kneeling, sitting. But there will always be a unifying theme. A lesson is a bit like a play in several acts, a story with a plot developing nuances and complexity, unfolding slowly with a definite aim. Aim to clarify some relationship, to find simplicity, efficiency in an action, or to improve a function, breathing for example. Of course there are overlaps, many-layered.etc

A big difference is that whereas, generally in a yoga class the teacher will demonstrate the posture, or even perform the sequence of movements along with the class. In an ATM the teacher rarely demonstrates anything, or may do so after the lesson. The guidance is given verbally, so thet each student has to feel from inside, move from inside acccording to their own sensations. They have to work it out for themselves, not copy. In this way the learning is self-generated and allows the student to discover for themslves by developing a deep listening.


Are lessons suitable for me if I’ve got pain, movement restriction, disabilities or am over 80?

Can I come to a class at any time or do I need to start at the beginning of a term?

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Photo by BlackJack3D/iStock / Getty Images