Feldenkrais Method Testimonials


The Feldenkrais classes with Philippa are just amazing - we seem to ‘do’ so little and yet, by the end of the class, my range of movement has always increased considerably; quite magical !
— Rainer
My Feldenkrais lesson with you was a really wonderful experience. It allowed me to understand better the possibilities of this approach. I felt relaxed and more aware of my body. I enjoyed the subtle movements that you guided me through and loved the feeling of released tension in my joints and muscles. Later that day and the days that followed the lesson, I was able to move better. I can see now how Feldenkrais method could help my clients with cancer, such as women with breast cancer needing to regain mobility after surgery. It could also empower them in learning how to feel more at ease during a difficult time in their lives. I look forward to working with you in the future to combine our knowledge in helping people realise their potential for well-being and transform the experience of living with cancer.
— Dr. Eleni Tsiompanou, Medical Director, Health Being Institute
I would just like to give some feedback on the Feldenkrais lesson I had with you on Saturday. New technique to me but wow how effective! The pain in my shoulder blade has completely gone. I have had issues with it for about 8 months and received 10 closely spaced osteopathic sessions (with little improvement) But after doing the Awareness Through Movement class the movement in my shoulder is freer and looser and I can now reach into extended mountain posture with proper shoulder rotation. I did some further work using the Feldenkrais method last night and will continue this week. But my arm and shoulder feel normal again! Thank you. Amazing healing technique and I look forward to your workshop next month.
— Samantha Phillips, Yoga Teacher
I have been attending a weekly Awareness Through Movement group class for nearly 2 years and still every one is different. The variety and increased flexibility achieved within an hour session is always surprising. This exploration of movement and release of tension with no forced stretching or pain is delightfully simple and effective. I am so pleased to have found Feldenkrais with this inspirational teacher and wholeheartedly recommend everyone to try it!
— Simon Emery, Surgeon
The poet Khalil Gibran once said: ‘A wise teacher does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.’
Philippa is that wise and very skillful teacher and through her masterly guidance I am learning to explore new ways of moving - ways that are more fluid, natural and effortless. My back pain has improved greatly over the past year, however I’ve got a new problem now: I think I might be addicted to Feldenkrais!
— H. N., trainee yoga teacher
I felt very relaxed and very different after last night’s Feldenkrais lesson – looser and lighter. This has me fascinated now…
— Susan Cole, Holistic Therapist
Feldenkrais is far too well kept a secret! I had done a few classes while living in England and was overjoyed to find a teacher in South Wales. Until I moved to Swansea (which I did partly to be nearer Feldy, that’s how important it is to me!) I was prepared to travel 45 minutes to class.
As for the work itself, a year or so since starting, I still find it confusing sometimes and often need to stop and rest (especially my brain!) in a class, but that is actively encouraged! I don’t get as frustrated with myself and as anxious that I am ‘doing it wrong’. Being in the group does not feel competitive - I’m sure we must all be on our own journey of discovery. I’ve just had a three month absence from class and definitely did not enjoy the effect of not doing the work!
I think this system is intelligent and is working, bit by bit, to help me in ways that I cannot yet fully comprehend or explain. I don’t think there is anything else quite like it. I’m not sure exactly how I’ve changed but I can say that I feel ‘freer’ moving and dancing (which is great!) and my qi gong teacher has observed a greater ‘softness’
— Barbara C. , Lawyer
I have a long-term low-back condition, which I manage with daily physiotherapy exercises. I was looking to complement these with some other discipline to add to my daily routine. Feldenkrais plus physio turned out to be a perfect mix for me, strengthening my core muscles and building my flexibility and load-bearing capacity.
— David Townsend Jones
I’ve been attending Philippa’s Awareness Through Movement classes for several years now since moving to Swansea. I find that Philippa is a very knowledgeable and committed teacher, and has a very nice way of instructing and pacing us through the lesson. The lessons have varying levels of complexity, but I often find myself at the end of the lesson surprised at how easily I’m able to do what I initially couldn’t. Throughout I am encouraged to slow down and pay attention to the sensations of movement, and by the end of the lesson, as well as often learning something new I also feel very relaxed and alert.

The lessons with Philippa are excellent and I feel much healthier for going. I would encourage anybody to go along with an open mind and be prepared to learn something new about how they move and feel
— Sam, Swansea
I’d been in quite a lot of pain over the last few weeks, but I just wanted to let you know that my arms are almost 100% better after Tuesday’s class!
— Liz
One of the greatest benefits I am getting from the Feldenkrais Method is that it shows me clearly and experientially how every part of me is connected to every other part of me, how every movement ‘echoes’ throughout my whole body - e.g. I move my leg and something also happens in my shoulder. There can be really illuminating ‘aha’ moments in class when a habitual, unconscious connection suddenly becomes very clear. It has allowed me to observe, address and change habitual patterns in the way I use myself and thereby reduce long-held tensions and chronic pain. It takes me out of ‘auto-pilot’. It encourages me to take greater responsibility for myself and nourishes in me the hope that well-being is possible even after years of reduced functionality.
I love the gentleness of the Feldenkrais Method and how it often takes me into a meditative state, wide awake and paying attention to what is going on in me right now.
Philippa creates a wonderful atmosphere in her classes - fun, yet also very calm and precise, always encouraging us to explore, be more present and move more efficiently, while staying within our own comfort zone
— Chinch Gryniewicz, Environmental Photographer
Having had a lay-off from surfing due to broken wrists, I found that when I got back in the water my surfing had improved. The only thing I could put it down to was my Feldenkrais lessons.
— Neil, Fire Officer
I was rather apprehensive about joining the class - I’m 86, have a hip replacement and painfully arthritic knees - but each week I feel so much helped and refreshed (and often have a laugh too) At the end of the session I’m so much improved that I often forget my walking stick!
— Ros
I have found attending Philippa’s Feldenkrais classes beneficial for body but also mind. Her direction is very gentle, emphasising for each person to work to their individual level without any pressure, whilst making you think about your body in a new way. She creates a really welcoming environment, whether you are a regular participant or new to the class. I look forward to having the space and time for me to quieten the “internal chatter” of the day, as much as to feel my body is learning to move more effectively and have general awareness of movement that I did not have before.
At the end of the hour I always feel calmed and physically lighter. Before I starting going to the classes I had aches in my hip and back at times but these have now pretty much gone. I feel anyone could benefit from Feldenkrais with Philippa, to invest in themselves physically and mentally.
— Natasha Edmonds
When I came to live in Swansea several years ago I was surprised and delighted to find there were Feldenkrais ‘Awareness Through Movement’ classes here. Philippa’s way of teaching is informal and relaxed, and she has a wide range of knowledge which encompasses both the understanding of physical injuries and how to direct my awareness in a helpful way.
I’d first had some individual Feldenkrais lessons in when living Derby, to help with chronic lower back pain. I’d been diagnosed with a damaged disc in my lumbar spine and had found no lasting relief from osteopathic and chiropractic treatments. Even standing was painful and it was difficult to work, and at 6’5” I was uncomfortable in most car seats. A series of Individual Feldenkrais ‘Functional Integration’ sessions helped me learn how to find new ways of moving so the pain reduced, and I was no longer exacerbating the injured disc.
I learned how to handle myself differently and find new movement patterns, and so doing the group Feldenkrais lessons is a great support and reminder for this learning process.
— Simon