Move better, feel better, Live Better!



Improve your quality of movement to improve your quality of life.

'Being in Movement' is about practical approaches to somatic learning. Both the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method® are proven ways to help relieve pain and tension, bring mental alertness and calm, improve performance and enhance well-being. Through these simple yet profound methods you can discover ways to move with ease and freedom, enhance your self-awareness and develop your potential.

The Alexander lessons have been different from what I expected, a completely new experience for me. Surprisingly it’s teaching me a new dimension to my everyday life.
Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais work really well together and have both made me feel more comfortable and relaxed in my own skin. I’m much lighter on my feet and far less likely to injure myself when exercising.
The Feldenkrais classes with Philippa are just amazing - we seem to ‘do’ so little and yet, by the end of the class, my range of movement has always increased considerably; quite magical!